Training Pointing Dogs by Paul Long


New Second Edition

In Paul Long's heyday as a dog trainer, he was a true "guru" before anyone even used that word to describe an oft-sought expert. "What does Paul Long say about this?" was the frequent refrain on training courses, and multiple answers were provided in the original edition of this book. Now reissued, Training Pointing Dogs again delivers the sage guidance of this master dog trainer. In simple question-and-answer format, Long addresses the questions most asked by trainers, professional and amateur alike. Should I try to train my dog myself? Do I need to use a whistle? How do I deal with a dog that sulks after correction? What should I do if my dog will point a dead bird but not pick up and retrieve it? Paul Long's answers to these questions are practical and filled with good sense and the subtle, wry humor of a wily veteran. His answer to the last question above is a delightful example: "Retrieving is a pretty sight and desirable. Elsewhere in the book you will find suggestions for encouraging your dog to retrieve. But if you have no success, remember that it is a rare sight to see a man point a bird. However, many men have a back strong enough to lean down and pick up a bird that a dog has located and pointed dead." The late Paul Long was one of the most innovative pointer trainers in the country. His techniques are still in use, and they continue to make a difference in the field. He died in 2003.

Softcover. Published by the Lyons Press. 


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