Autumn 2001, Vol. 4 #2


The Autumn 2001 issue features include:

  • Woodcock High and Dry: More From The Spiller Treasury by Burton Spiller
  • The Old Country by William G. Tapply
  • The Grouse Point Almanac Annual Grouse Forecast: An Easterly Kind Of Feeling by Lawrence Pyne
  • Preserving Upland Memories: Keeping Those Feathers in Your Cap by James M. McCann
  • The Vintagers: The Edwardian Era of Gunning is An Annual Event by John C. Gosselin

From The Upland Kitchen, this issue features "Lemon Walnut Grouse" by June Swanson.

Also in this issue are all of your favorite departments including Greetings from the Publisher,The Healthy Dog, The Upland Kitchen, RGS Update, Conservation, Wild Bird Trials, Notes from the Fieldbook, Lock, Stock & Barrel, Tailgate Review, The Check Cord, Classic Guns, From Our Mailbox, Classifieds, and Tailfeathers.

The Autumn 2001 Cover is called "Hank" by Eldridge Hardie. Original Oil. For information on artist Eldridge Hardie, visit or call 303-756-5662.