Spring 2009, Vol 11 #4


The Spring 2009 issue features include:

  • Newfoundland-On Your Own Terms by Charles Chalk
  • Prairie Partridge in the Great White North by Jack Hancock
  • Afield in Argentina by Gary Kramer
  • Last Day, First Grouse by Mike Bartz
  • Little Russet Fellers by William G. Tapply
  • What's That You Say? by Alan Liere

From The Upland Kitchen, this issue features "Cranberry Grouse with Wild Rice and Sauteed Apples" by Nancy Whiting and John D. Taylor.

Also in this issue are all of your favorite departments including Greetings from the Publisher, Flushes & Noteworthy Points, The Healthy Dog, The Upland Kitchen, Lock, Stock & Barrel, For the Birds, Spring Hatch, Tailgate Review, In the Swing, The Check Cord, Classic Guns, From Our Mailbox, Classifieds, and Tailfeathers.

The Spring 2009 Cover is called "Highland Grouse Walkup" by Eldridge Hardie. For information about artist Eldridge Hardie and his work, visit www.eldridgehardie.com or call 303-756-5662.