Spring 2019/Vol 22 #1


The Spring 2019 issue features include:

  • A Gopher Safari by Alan Liere
  • Feathered Firecrackers by John N. Felsher
  • Will More Rabbit Feet Lead to Good Luck for Southern New England Grouse? by Edward Ricciuti
  • South Dakota's "Big Five" for Pheasant Hunting by Jeff Nedwick
  • Day's End by Robert DeMott

From The Upland Kitchen, this issue features "Pheasant Empanadas with Chimichuri" prepared by Gordon Hamersley.

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Also in this issue are all of your favorite departments including Greetings from the Publisher, Flushes & Noteworthy Points, Dreams Delivered, The Upland Kitchen, For the Birds, Bird Dogs - Health Matters, Tailgate Review, Classic Upland Guns, In the Swing, Section 799.2, The Check Cord, Pages Past, From Our Mailbox, Classifieds, Bookstore, and Tailfeathers.

The Spring 2019 Cover features “Opening Day - German Shorthair Pointers” by Scot Storm. For more information, visit www.wildwings.com.