Summer 2010/Vol 13 #1


The Summer 2010 issue features include:

  • The Hots Shots from SHOT 2010 by Joe Riekers
  • What It Takes: Professional Bird Dogs by Nancy Anisfield
  • Cool Things by Alan Liere

From The Upland Kitchen, this issue features "Famous Grouse" by Nancy P. Adams.

Also in this issue are all of your favorite departments including Greetings from the Publisher, Flushes & Noteworthy Points, The Healthy Dog, The Upland Kitchen, Lock, Stock & Barrel, Conservation Viewpoint, For the Birds, Both Barrels, New Traditions, Tailgate Review, In the Swing, The Check Cord, Classic Guns, From Our Mailbox, Classifieds, and Tailfeathers.

The Summer 2010 Cover is called "Left and Right - Doves" by Bob White. Giclee print available in 13 1/2 X 19 inches ($200) or 17 X 23 1/2 inches ($400). For information about artist Bob White and his work, or call 651-433-4168.