Winter 2003, Vol. 6 #3


The Winter 2003 issue features include:

  • South Jersey Woodcock: How About a Different Look at an Old Friend? by Kevin C. Shelly
  • Starting Over: The Time Has Come to Reap Autumn's Sweet Rewards by Tim Flanigan
  • Better Late Than Never: Even Late in the Season Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota is Great by Robert I. Egbert
  • The Grouse Hunters: Demographics May Not Be All Science by John D. Taylor
  • Canaan Hill (A Last Visit to the Northeast Kingdom) by Spence Conley
  • Time Released: Accomplishments That Stand the Test of Time by Tom Carney
  • A Memory From a Certain Aspen Patch: It's Not Always the Hunting That Makes It Memorable by Nick Sisley
  • Deep Freeze Grouse (Tactics for Winter Success) by Dan Small
  • Beeper-Made Meanderers (Wary Woodcock on the Run) by Dave Duffy
  • The Wonder Pup by Tom Mohrhauser
  • You Can't Not Do it! by Alan Liere

From The Upland Kitchen, this issue features "The World's Best Grouse Recipe" by Anthony Thomas.

Also in this issue are all of your favorite departments including Greetings from the Publisher, Flushes & Noteworthy Points, The Healthy Dog, The Upland Kitchen, For the Birds, Tailgate Review, In the Swing, Lock, Stock & Barrel, The Check Cord, Classic Guns, From Our Mailbox, Classifieds, and Tailfeathers.

The Winter 2003 Cover is called "Grouse Hunter" by Eldridge Hardie. For information on artist Eldridge Hardie, visit or call 303-756-5662.